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Hey Freek. I would say the connection with TOPY and Jim Jones, is basically the same as TOPY and Charles Manson. Just the whole fascination with the idea of control and "persuasion"... brainwashing and "convincing people". Jones had his little family (or very big family, I should say) that would do whatever he wished, asked or commanded of them, just as Manson had his family that did the same for him.  

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Fredrik wrote:
> It's approximately 4 hrs footage of TOPY rituals, scarification, Jim Jones, 
> blurred images (Time Machines?), Genesis, Alura, Sleazy, Tibet... I think it 
> includes Mr Sebastian, Jarman and of course thee TOPY spokesman... Some of 
> this material would propably offend people even today. There are bits that 
> are not suitable for the squeamish...

What's the connection between TOPY and Jim Jones, I wonder?


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