[Grief] Download - TOPY on Tracker 3.

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 15 05:09:28 PDT 2009

Hey Fredrick, are you sure that this 4 hr TOPY download from Tracker 3 isnt Thee First Transmission? Because I have Thee First Transmission video set and it's also 4 hours and contains all the people and stuff that you mentioned, i.e. TOPY rituals, scarification, blurred images, the castration, etc.  And your right, some of it's still fairly squeamish, at least for those of us that haven't already been coum-pletely desensitized by COUM, TG, this 4 hr TOPY video and the likes. Lol : ) FYI- The booklet mentions that PTV's Themes (aka Cold Dark Matter) was made to accompany Thee First Transmission. So, turn down the volume, crank up Themes and your ready to go! Anyway, please let me know if the Tracker 3 dwnld is in fact Thee First Transmission. Thanks. Grant

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