[Grief] TG Cerith Wynn Evans

DIL23 hex at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jun 24 12:31:49 PDT 2009

errr yeah - don't tell the Danish but....

It was the CWE film "The Sky is Thin as Paper Here" which was supposed to 
premier in Copenhagen (which I'm sure it did!) - just we saw it first in 
Glasgow ;-)

Cerith Wyn Evans was at both events (altho he didn't 'appear' on stage at any 
point before or after the film at the Glasgow show - just enjoyed TG's second 
set from the audience).

Film was B&W stills of Eastern/Japanese festival/ritual with cosmic or 
stellar 'starscapes' superimposed over them.

So - clear as mud now?


On Wednesday 24 June 2009 05:26:45 Angus Spottiswoode wrote:
> I'm still curious about the Cerith Wynn Evans thing at the Scotland
> and Copenhagen dates.
> I guess TG performed their live soundtrack to his short film... except
> that it sounds like there were TWO films, since the Copenhagen date
> was later and it was the 'European Premiere' of the film (Scotland IS
> in the EU right?!).
> Er, confused.
> Anyway, anyone see this/these film performances? What was it like?
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