[Grief] TG Cerith Wynn Evans

magmahawk at planet.nl magmahawk at planet.nl
Wed Jun 24 12:04:51 PDT 2009

well i was in glasgow where they had the premiere of this movie.
the movie and soundtrack lasted for 35 minutes and the stills/theme of the 
movie seems to be full of japanese (thai ?) festivals recordings.
these still are manupulated and there is a lot of unclear detail added.
tg performed a great soundtrack which was completely electronic and partly 
improvised (?) with all 4 members sitting and playing knobs !
i liked the music which was very intense but do not like this kind of movies.

At 06:26 24-6-2009, you wrote:
>I'm still curious about the Cerith Wynn Evans thing at the Scotland
>and Copenhagen dates.
>I guess TG performed their live soundtrack to his short film... except
>that it sounds like there were TWO films, since the Copenhagen date
>was later and it was the 'European Premiere' of the film (Scotland IS
>in the EU right?!).
>Er, confused.
>Anyway, anyone see this/these film performances? What was it like?

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