[Grief] TG at Heaven

Mark Stevens markstevens at waitrose.com
Mon Jun 22 18:59:56 PDT 2009

I went o both performances.  I thought they were fantastic.  The first set
was a little short granted but the renditions of Persuasion and What a Day
were great.  The evening was even better.......  They played for about an
hour and twenty minutes, started with Very Friendly, brilliant, a superb
version of Convincing People, an amazing rendition of Discipline, What a Day
again but different to the first show and in both shows an emotional
performance of Almost Like This.

There was merchandise available at both shows, I bought a T Shirt!  I'd
hardly call it mega expensive and at the end of the day you make a decision
at the time to buy or not!!

Value for money, yup, in my mind it was.  Concert tickets are well in excess
of £17.50 now and actually for your first ticket you got to see S.C.U.M.

If you think it is all about the money, don't go.

I personally had a great day out, the atmosphere was wonderful, there was a
real high of anticipation before they were on and I left dumbstruck, oh
yeah, it was a tad loud too.  Couldn't see any kids being corrupted, thank

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Went to the early show. The set was only about 45 minutes but I thought it
was a great performance. One of the best shows I've seen them do since they
reformed. Great version of What A Day at the end.

Merchandise is expensive but then you don't have to buy it..


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> Other than the
> merchandise....
> How was the show? What was the atmosphere
> like? 
> Did it feel special (a return to the scene of
> the crime)?
> And I noticed it said it was an all-ages show...
> where there any youngsters having their minds corrupted ;
> ?
> On Jun 21, 2009, at 6:18 PM, david brookes
> wrote:
> Wondered if
> anyone on the list went to either of the two shows at Heaven
> in London today?
> I attended the early show and was a bit disappointed that
> they only seemed to play for about 40 minutes, i counted 6
> songs altogether. 
> Let me tell you this TG, £17.50 for a 40 minute show aint
> really on. Merchandise was mega expensive too, a really
> small enamel badge for £15! a really small embroidered
> patch for £10 and a t-shirt for £20. I get the feeling
> that this time it's really ALL about the money
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