[Grief] Cosey on bootlegs

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I've downloaded all the gigs I can find so far and would still be more than happy to buy the proper recordings from TG themselves. I think it's a bit of an unthought out statement that Cosey has made. As far as I can see all these live recordings are distributed for free it's not the old days pre internet where you had to buy a crap copy of a tape from some dodgy bloke and hand him a fiver.

Hopefully they'll still release them I was looking forward to it.


P.S Grant I've still got to post you a CDR of one of the gigs. Been a bit tied up but it will arrive soon-ish

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>  Yeah, I really hope they decide to still put out the
> official downloads afterall, too. I saw them in Chicago, and
> TG were fantastic, but unfortunately, I've yet to get my
> hands on a recording of any of the US gigs. And even if I
> did have bootlegs of EVERY gig, I would still buy the
> official TG dwnloads, if made available. So, I think it is a
> bit ridiculous to assume that no fans are going to make any
> bootlegs. I mean, there were bootlegs available of their
> live Paris 32AR gig, and that sure didn't stop TG's
> plans to still continue to make available the $200+ limited
> "art edition" LP/CD, as well as a $10 download via
> iTunes. So why would TG (possibly) decide to not go through
> with THESE downloads? It just doesn't make any sense.
> Most people that have bootlegs will still buy the official
> downloads, especially if they were already planning to, and
> are hard-core fans, as well. 
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> Subject: [Grief] Cosey on bootlegs
> "We were going
> to do downloads of all the gigs when we got back [from
> America] but so many bootlegs got out that we’re
> re-thinking it. It’s unavoidable but it doesn’t make it
> right. If you want music to be out there, someone has to pay
> for it to continue and I do wish people would suddenly have
> that revelation. We’re not asking people to pay a fortune
> because they are done at a budget price – we’ve always
> done that.It
> is a horrible feeling that suddenly your work is worthless.
> You think “I spent a year making this and it’s worth
> nothing.” That's my heart and soul, not something
> I’ve just knocked together in the
> shed."Just read this quote on
> the (excellent, great pics too) new interview with Cosey
> here:
> http://www.wheelmeout.com/issue4/1.php
> For what it's worth, I would like to say
> that, personally, I would happily pay a budget price
> for official downloads of the shows to support the band and
> because the sound would be mixed really
> well. 
> And I wonder if anyone else feels the same, or
> is it just me? 
> And if it isn't just me, I wonder if any of
> the people on this list who speak to the band could pass on
> this sentiment? 
> It's dismaying to hear her saying that the
> work suddenly feels worthless.
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