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No doubt its tough for the artist - especially someone like Cosey or Carter
who do not make stack loads of money from playing live - but that said, I'm
from the old school, hitting my forties - I just can't get around paying for
mp3s, no matter what. Either I purchase something physical or its going to
be via soulseek. I just bought Reformed Faction/Zoviet France's latest, a
strange boxset, from Soleilmoon - sent all the way down here, to South
America, and paid a good deal for it - don't regret it. Worth the money
spent - but really couldn't see myself paying, even a good lot less, for
mp3s downloaded from the internet - give me the disc or the vinyl or
whatever, but this virtual business, hum....guess I'm too old for that.

cheers, s., rio.

2009/6/20 Joseph Demko <idoltaxi at gmail.com>

> That's a pretty silly sentiment, honestly. Anyone that would have payed for
> quality mp3s of the shows from the band is still going to, regardless of
> what fan-recordings are or are not out there. God knows I downloaded
> bootlegs and was still looking forward to being able to own the shows via
> their intended distrobution method in a more desirable and polished quality.
> I was so stoked after seeing TG live for the first time, who would blame me
> for wanting to be able to hear it again? And because these bootlegs were
> distributed via the internet, it's not as though someone else was making
> money off their work.
> Feels like a hard-core copout to me. I do hope they reconsider.
> On 6/20/09, Angus Spottiswoode <swindonbakery at gmail.com> wrote:
>> "We were going to do downloads of all the gigs when we got back [from
>> America] but so many bootlegs got out that we’re re-thinking it. It’s
>> unavoidable but it doesn’t make it right. If you want music to be out there,
>> someone has to pay for it to continue and I do wish people would suddenly
>> have that revelation. We’re not asking people to pay a fortune because they
>> are done at a budget price – we’ve always done that.
>> It is a horrible feeling that suddenly your work is worthless. You think
>> “I spent a year making this and it’s worth nothing.” That's my heart and
>> soul, not something I’ve just knocked together in the shed."
>> Just read this quote on the (excellent, great pics too) new interview with
>> Cosey here:
>> http://www.wheelmeout.com/issue4/1.php
>> For what it's worth, I would like to say that, personally, I would happily
>> pay a budget price for official downloads of the shows to support the band
>> and because the sound would be mixed really well.
>> And I wonder if anyone else feels the same, or is it just me?
>> And if it isn't just me, I wonder if any of the people on this list who
>> speak to the band could pass on this sentiment?
>> It's dismaying to hear her saying that the work suddenly feels worthless.
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