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Yeah, I really hope they decide to still put out the official downloads afterall, too. I saw them in Chicago, and TG were fantastic, but unfortunately, I've yet to get my hands on a recording of any of the US gigs. And even if I did have bootlegs of EVERY gig, I would still buy the official TG dwnloads, if made available. So, I think it is a bit ridiculous to assume that no fans are going to make any bootlegs. I mean, there were bootlegs available of their live Paris 32AR gig, and that sure didn't stop TG's plans to still continue to make available the $200+ limited "art edition" LP/CD, as well as a $10 download via iTunes. So why would TG (possibly) decide to not go through with THESE downloads? It just doesn't make any sense. Most people that have bootlegs will still buy the official downloads, especially if they were already planning to, and are hard-core fans, as well. 

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"We were going to do downloads of all the gigs when we got back [from America] but so many bootlegs got out that we’re re-thinking it. It’s unavoidable but it doesn’t make it right. If you want music to be out there, someone has to pay for it to continue and I do wish people would suddenly have that revelation. We’re not asking people to pay a fortune because they are done at a budget price – we’ve always done that.It is a horrible feeling that suddenly your work is worthless. You think “I spent a year making this and it’s worth nothing.” That's my heart and soul, not something I’ve just knocked together in the shed."Just read this quote on the (excellent, great pics too) new interview with Cosey here:

For what it's worth, I would like to say that, personally, I would happily pay a budget price for official downloads of the shows to support the band and because the sound would be mixed really well. 
And I wonder if anyone else feels the same, or is it just me? 
And if it isn't just me, I wonder if any of the people on this list who speak to the band could pass on this sentiment? 
It's dismaying to hear her saying that the work suddenly feels worthless.

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