DIL23 hex at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jun 6 22:17:31 PDT 2009

...we did indeed! Hello again Magmahawk - hope you are well?

....music shops? what are they? I think the internet has killed 'em all! :(

..you could try Avalanche, Ripping Records and err a couple of others I can 
never remember the names of in Edinburgh - not too up on Glasgow shops - 
maybe someone else can help?

I posted here earlier that Cerith Wynn Evans has an exhibition (VERY small 
only 4 - 5 pieces) in Edinburgh details here:


I'll be going thru to Glasgow for the Wed afternoon - so we could meet up 
before the gig if you want?

I can't think of anything else off hand right now - but will mail you off list 
if I think of anything.

All the best

On Saturday 06 June 2009 20:51:16 magmahawk at planet.nl wrote:
> as the glasgow event is slowly coming nearer on the calender and i have
> never ever been to scotland/glasgow i like to have some advice
> about music shops or anything interesting that is NOT in the tourist info.
> i arrive tuesday evening in edinburgh but catch a train to glasgow later.
> btw DIL didn't we already meet in london ica desetshore on a sunny sunday
> afternoon  some time ago ?
> regards
> andre
> netherlands
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