[Grief] Rafters gig questions

david brookes harmaline23 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 6 11:40:07 PDT 2009

I've often wondered about what went on at the Rafters gig in Manchester, and specifically the strange mood Gen seemed to be in. As you probably know prior to the gig he slashed his hand with a knife (as you can see in the polaroid pic he took of it which is on the front cover of the vinyl bootleg)

I have heard him tell the story that he did it to get rid of the Manchester band A Certain Ratio who were in the dressing room and wouldn't leave when he asked them to.

And can anyone make out what he is saying during the second song? He seems to be ranting a lot and it's really hard to make out what he is saying but there are a few lines he keeps repeating, such as "I've seen my baby die" 
I am of the opinion that maybe Cosey had had an abortion in the past and maybe that is what he is in such a state about? Is there anyone here who attended the gig or who can make out anymore of the words in the second song?


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