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Fri Jan 23 11:41:46 PST 2009

I just found it funny that Brooks said like shut the fuck up talking about non TG stuff and from that moment on there was nothing but silence. Have a nice weekend everyone, and enjoy a lovely Burns Supper on sunday!

Always yours,

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Yeah, there's been nothing new on the TG front. I think they went into  
winter hibernation. I haven't even bothered checking the site for a  
while. But hopefully that will change soon. I'm itching for new TG  

On Jan 22, 2009, at 7:46 AM, Z1 // wrote:

> Wow, that post below was the las one for ages! Seem there has  
> nothing been on either on TG or not since David Brookes put our feet  
> down - thank you David Brookes! BTW next saturday there will be show  
> on somewhere no-one knows and no-one goes by some band that has  
> absolutely nothing NOTHING nothing to do with TG, not even the  
> farest fetchedededede. But I am going to see Turbolover @ Unterhaus/ 
> Berlin anyway, that's what they call SPAMMing I gues ROFL!
> Always yours,
> Z1//
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> Could you please stop all non TG related post please, you are  
> ruining it for everyone.
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