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Hmm, It seems like T.G., SoiSong and THBC are no longer interested in 
loosers from Hackney. It's all about money now. They're reaching for 
middle-aged fans with fat wallets. Everything is now spelled in multiple $$$ 
or £££. Pretty sad. The Great Industrial Swindle. Indeed.


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And when would TG -not- want to make money on any opportunity possible?

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 4:36 PM, Grant Regnaert <tripreset at hotmail.com> 
> Hey Angus ~ Not sure if you got the  TG tour info email from Mute records 
> a few weeks back. But it listed all the US TG dates...SF as  well. And the 
> Mute email also mentioned special TG Tour merchandise available at the 
> gigs (e.g. TG T-shirts, patches, badges, etc. as well as the new TG 
> album).  PLUS...I spoke with Cosey a few times last week and I asked about 
> the new album, and she mentioned that it  was a limited run, available for 
> purchase at the TG shows. So even though she didnt mention SF 
> specifically; l am sure you have nothing to worry about, as SF falls under 
> the umbrella of the TG tour/shows. So hopefully that puts you at ease, 
> man. : )
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