[Grief] Thank you Brian

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Thu Dec 10 02:22:03 PST 2009

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Gen: Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Tesco Disco, fuck off, gonna get you, national affront, it's a national affront, pardon me. Thank you, it was very nice. 

Hey there, now a machine, now I can get you in my brain, gonna kill you and everything I own, gonna tell you how you feel about it, I can see you but you're not sure you can see me, that's the point.

If you want a dialogue, we can have a dialogue. Tony Parsons, NME, tell me I'm just the first bass guitarists to use chords, to use words, to make a scene, fuck off cunt, fuck off cunt. 

Here I am, here are you, here are we, together, fuck off cunt. National affront, I walked along to see you looking at me, I get on the Tube just like you, it costs me 30 pence. Dont hit me with that brick, nooooooooo. My blood in your face, I've got my poster, poster, poster.

I get my record contract, if i make a scene, take that knife out, take those fingers out, take that dialogue, take that music out, there's only one song in this country, it's the song of, telling you, I can see you but you can't see me, national affront.

Tonight, I want, I want to see you better, I don't mean feeling better, Dead'Ed, Thank you, Brian, give us raw material, make you feel uncomfortable, it's not easy, it's not just £1.30.

Is this a trial of stress, you tell me?, who's trying to prove what to who? We measure like I.C.I, we make a graph, how many people in which region walk out/go to the toilet/buy which record? How many people come from Wolverhampton? how many people buy a return ticket for £12.00, I know two, two people come from Wolverhampton and buy a return ticket, some people come from King's Cross and they don't even buy a ticket, they're on the guest list.

We'd like to do you a selection,like to do you some numbers, we don't have and numbers/no selection, but we will do you, a selection, the first number is called Goldilocks and the three fingers, We put the throb in Throbbing Gristle.

I walked into the Ear and Nose and Throat hospital

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