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I'm trying to find the print reference. Maybe it wasn't Wreckers. I do recall reading an interview with Gen. He said that Eno had expressed some interest in his music (Prior to TG). Gen said, yes come by and we'll talk. Eno then kept delaying the meeting and was coming up with excuses. Gen got fed up and told Eno to piss off. Or something like that.
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  I thought that Eno has dissed tuxedomoon - can't remember the reference in regard to TG (and Wreckers doesn't have an index). 

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      I haven't got the gadget, nor really tend to, but in regard to the "brian", it could be Brian Jones (of the Rolling Stones - though that's more of a Psychic TV thing) or, more likely, the also late Brion Gysin, beat poet, writer and man-about-town - for those interested, I suggested the following, which is quite a very good read:

      Nothing Is True - Everything Is Permitted: The Life of Brion Gysin by John Geiger Cheers, s., rio

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      With regard to the names of the new loops on the Gristleism, two of them are pretty quintessential TG-ish names: "R&D" and "Wimpy Bar". And one is obvious given the sound of the loop: "Sex String Theory".

      But anyone know the story behind the name "Thank You Brian"? And it's windy sound?

      Who is Brian, I wonder? And why are they thanking him?

      Just curious.

    "Thank you Brian. You give us raw material."

    I'm guessing it is a reference to Brian Eno. Gen was a little bit upset about the way Eno treated him back in the early 70's. Details can be found in "Wreckers of Civilisation". 

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