[Grief] Gristleism for cats

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I received my Black Badged Box from the "Greedbag" yesterday and no problems with the battery compartment. Only problem was the price, compared to Soleilmoon.........
The fidelity does leave  a lot to be desired, but otherwise it is a fairly cool "thing"to own. How does everyone feel about playing "Hamburger Lady"  with the pitch turned all the way up? Isn't it a bit fast? And the same for all the "songs". An interesting "thing", all right.

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 just got my Gristleism box & my 2 cats, who LOVE to be lulled to sleep by TG, freaked out & dashed under the bed when I played some of the more high-pitched loops! Lol. Sambo, especially did not like R & D and Sex String Theory at all. But both Butters & Sambo DO like 20 Jazz Funk Greats and Maggot Death...so, go figure! : ) BTW~ I recall somebody saying a few days ago that their Red box had a problem with the battery compartment being a bit small & not closing all the way, and also that the pitch control was a bit stiff. My (black) box had no problems at all with that, or anything else. I'm wondering if just maybe the red boxes have that problem, or if its a fluke & you just got a defective one? But either way, if it bothers you, I'd see about exchanging it for another one. I'm sure that they'd rectify the problem for you. It's worth a shot & you got nothing to lose. Best to all my fellow TG'ers~ GRR
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