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Re: the recent TG live recordings; Sleazy told me 2 wks ago that TG was in a bit of a pickle as to how to go about releasing them. Turns out some of the bootlegs are (ironically) better sounding quality than what TG has! So, whether to release what TG recorded, or to bootleg the bootleggers, etc, is a decision they've not come up with a good answer for yet. SleaZ said to let him know if I found any good quality bootlegs, that they may have missed. And I did. 2 NY gigs a friend recorded. So I told him, but haven't heard back yet. So maybe TG came to a decision! So I'm hoping TG will release the 13 live April performances (maybe the June Heaven gigs, too & if we're lucky, ALL the gigs from 2004-09!) in the near future for dwnload, or even better, in a nice box set, similar to TG24 & TG+ (the first 6 yrs live 1976-81), like a "new" TG24 (the last 6 yrs live 2004-09). Now THAT would be sweet! : )

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yeah there is a lot of complaining to be donw

I want those live recordings available digitally get off your high horse guys I'll pay whatever =\

I fancy toying with sounds but nothing serious...analog or digital wouldn't matter too much to me, as long as I can afford it haha -_-;; Would certainly be neat to have if it's indeed something along these lines.

On 8/9/09, Angus Spottiswoode <swindonbakery at gmail.com> wrote:
Welcome to the wonderful world of the TG list. All 10 of us. Now you can join us bitching about over-priced TG fetish objects ;)

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Now for those of us who make music: would it make a difference if that 'hush hush project.... coming soon'ish! ' were analog or digital?
What d'ya think?
Greetings to the list, I've subscribed years ago but I think this is my first post. :)


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