[Grief] TG LA + SF my reaction

David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 26 15:52:50 PDT 2009

The San Francisco gig is being torrented on Dime a Dozen. Only audio.

I've not finished downloading it yet so can't comment on the quality.

Dave B

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> Subject: [Grief] TG LA + SF my reaction
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> Date: Saturday, 25 April, 2009, 2:02 AM
> Just back from amazing SF gig. I also
> went to the LA gig on Tuesday, which was good but low-key.
> Felt like a warm up for SF.
> To those of you about to see them on the last dates of the
> US tour, you have a great treat ahead of you.
> I won't say much.
> I will say that in SF Gen brought his daughter Genesse on
> stage, to applause from the audience.
> And that, at the end of the SF show, the noise of the crowd
> was so great that the band came back on andinstead of an
> encore, did a theatrical-style, holding-hands bow. They all
> looked really happy and overwhelmed by the incredible
> positive response.
> There were some real loonies in the SF crowd, but I suppose
> that's to be expected at a TG gig. We spoke to one couple in
> front of us who had been at the original SF gig in '81. I
> admired their patience!
> TG returned to the scene of the crime in style!
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