[Grief] The TRUE 'Lyre Liar'...for Japan only?

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 25 12:02:39 PDT 2008

Anyone else notice that the track Lyre Liar on the Japanese CD of Endless Not has a great 40 second intro that the UK/US CD's do NOT have? 
Yup! Thats right! 
The Japanese Lyre Liar is a full 8:31, while the UK/US edition only clocks in at 7:51. What's up with that?? 
It starts out mellow, quiet & slow, with only the sound of a guitar (with echo-delay) being plucked (somewhat) randomlessly. It sounds a bit hollow & creepy, as if its being played in a cave. 
Then as the guitar continues, the dark churning synth rhythm (heard throughout the track) enters at the 9 second mark & slowly builds until the 40 second mark. 
At this point the guitar drops out of the song for good & the track begins here on non-Japanese versions. 

I know the Japanese CDs got a bonus live version of What a Day at the end of it. 
But anyone got a clue as to WHY the Japanese track is longer? 
Upon 1st hearing the UK version I loved how it started but after hearing the Japanese version w/ the intro, I cant imagine hearing it any other way!

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