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interesting thread...

>We are constantly surprised by the prices paid 
>for old, second-hand Throbbing Gristle and 
>Industrial Records items sold in collector 
>stores, and particularly from one collector to 
>another on auction sites such as ebay. But we 
>are mystified as to why that practice should be 
>acceptable, but it is not acceptable to pay 
>those kinds of sums to the original Artist whose 
>imagination, effort and many, many hours of work 
>created the product in the first place. This 
>Framed Edition is priced in relation to its 
>production cost and NOT as a high priced elitist 
>Art item.

as if we haven't seen peter christopherson, 
genesis p-orridge, etc. (via entities named as 
'rufus' etc.) parttaking in 'high priced elitist 
art deals' on ebay themselves before...

>TG aren't exactly going to get rich on any product, whatever the retail price.

the berlin 'überticket' benefits alone must have 
been enough for some 10 or fifteen years of 
wealth in thailand ...


        30 AUGUST 2008 BERLIN
        live performances, films, exhibition
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