[Grief] So are Giftgas & Kreeme Horne TG releases?

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 23 22:22:54 PDT 2008

No, Gen knew what I meant, cause i joked about it saying "Well the 12 CD Set DID set me back $200, but it was WELL worth it, as it was a unique concept, to hear the various takes, the talking among you guys between takes, etc." 
Then I mentioned how a friend pain-stakingly went thru ALL 12 CDs and took JUST the finished takes & ALL pieces of music that were at least 5 min. in length, all the way up to the longest 24 min piece & put them all onto an MP3 that was about 4 hrs of just the music...to which Gen replied "Hmmm, a good idea. I quite like that. Im surprised WE didnt think of doing that & throwing in a bonus MP3 disc of just the music." 

So Gen definitely knew. As to why he didnt get his Desertshore 12 CD Set, I have no clue. But he didnt really seem upset by it! Maybe cause he was still enjoying the G.O.M. I had given him about 2 hrs prior! : )

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