[Grief] info from Cosey... SELVAGGINA addendum

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 23 14:47:55 PDT 2008

I can kinda see their point to a microscopic extent! But it does NOT make it right! 
SlZ DID do that w/ SELVAGGINA! 
They sold the 1st few #'d CDRs for like 150pounds!  
But its NOT right because they should want to KEEP their fans (who support them) happy-NOT DRIVE US AWAY w/ insane prices!
 TG, COIL etc. are in the MUSIC-MAKING business 1st cause they LOVE music & make a living doing so(sure their not Britney Spears..but they DO get by just fine)! 
Their NOT in the greedy Wall-Street MONEY-MAKING business! 
C&C had an opportunity to sign to a major label a while ago but CHOSE NOT TO! 
Good for them, but dont take it out on the FANS cause you chose to stay independent! 
ML ball players dont CHARGE fans when they sign balls, cards, etc.(& balls & cards are cheap)! They do it for FREE! The SAME people getting items signed for free, put em on ebay & make a fortune! 
Fans drive UP the prices but that does NOT make it ok for the musicians to START them UP there! 
It just shows where TGs TRUE motives lie, IMHO!

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