[Grief] IR0015 - Distance Dreams (Part 2)...???

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 23 07:56:31 PDT 2008

Does anyone know WHY Distant Dreams (Part 2) IS called Part 2, since their isnt a Part 1? 
I asked Cosey a few yrs ago but she honestly had no clue as to why. 

TG Part 2 - The Endless Not is called Pt 2 cause TGNOW is supposed to be Pt 1...but Im clueless with Distant Dreams! 
I thought maybe their 1st attempt at making Distant Dreams failed, because in the spiral it says "second attempt". 
BUT, then I looked on the back of the Mission of Dead Souls CD & it says(re: Distant Dreams- Pt 2) "DIFFERENT MIX ORIGINALLY ON IR0015". 
So, just how different IS the 7" version compared to the CD mix? 
I dont know since I never listened to my 7" singles, because they were tacked onto the Mute Re-issues. 
And now I CANT find out cause I sold my 7"s 16 yrs ago, back when I was a poor college kid hard up for $$. 
Anyone know if its very different? 
If so I'll have to find a copy on ebay.

Unless a fellow fan can kindly burn me a CDR of it. I'll return the favor-I got lots of rare/unreleased TG/COIL, etc. Thanks! 

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