[Grief] So are Giftgas & Kreeme Horne TG releases?

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 23 03:33:04 PDT 2008

Hey Ryan, 
You have a very valid point. I knew Geff (Jhonn)put out Assume Power Focus (and I think he put out both New TG 1 and 2 too). 
Hmm, yeah it would makes sense why Cosey is on the Berlin 10" cover then. 

And, (as you may have seen me mention in another post), when Gen & I were talking after the 2007 PTV gig in Phoenix last August. 
I mentioned how I liked the Desertshore 12 CD Set(which I'd had for 2 months now), & how I thought Gen's take on Nico's vocals were pretty interesting, Gen asked "Oh its out? I havnt even heard it yet". I thought he was joking at 1st, cause it seemed VERY odd that I (a TG fan) would have a TG release BEFORE Gen (a TG member)! 
But then he asked me "Does it sound good? And are my vocals are okay?" And I realized Gen was serious & told Gen they were fine.
Apparantly 32AR isnt the 1st he wasnt aware of its release. 
Then I mentioned to Cosey week later how I found it odd that Gen didnt hear it yet & she was like, huh? Gens heard it & she didnt know what he was talking about.

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