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Basta rompere gli cavoli.



Stop breaking our balls please thank you

2008/10/20 david brookes <harmaline23 at hotmail.com>

>  Dear Mr Giannelli
> If you are getting on with your life as you say why are you always posting
> derogatory and pointless posts on Gen's site.
> Over the years I have read dozens of your messages that keep on going over
> the same old ground, surely if you have issues with certain individuals then
> it would be better the sort them out between you in private and not expose
> us all to them, it's kind of embarrasing to hear you constantly airing your
> dirty linen in public, when to be truthful no one except for the parties
> involved have any interest.
> Please try and keep TG discussions in this Grief group On Topic
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> Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 23:23:21 +0000
> Subject: [Grief] telepathic reply to Fredric
> Dear Fredrik,
> Thank you for your comments and suggestions but FYI, I am getting on with
> my miserable life, thank you very much.  Yes, Gen was screwed and is always
> screwed in business deals.  Why ?  Because he's a shitty businessman and a
> self centered C.U.N.T. in my reality.  Mentioning what happened with Alex
> Ferguson and now you know Gen's modus operandi.  By being a self indulgent /
> pretentious / douchebag / artist (in the most delusional sense of the word),
> whenever he licenses any of the collective work he never gets paid.  He has
> no relevance to us humble human beings since he considers himself above
> us.  Or to put it simply, IMHO he looks like a fat, drugged out loser with
> fake boobs and has nothing new to say.
> Re: Invisible Records.  Licensing a bunch of CD's to Martin Atkins, Gen
> says he never got paid.  Martin told me at the time when I asked him that he
> paid Gen a $14,000. advance.  Gen sent me a check for $750. at the time.  I
> do recall that Invisible DID pay publishing royalties to Complete Music and
> the paperwork was done.  Then Gen made grand accusations against Invisible
> stating they never paid.  He then goes on to license 12 PTV live cd's to
> Voiceprint claiming they would pay publishing royalties and paid no advance
> to him.  Well, guess what ?  They never paid any publishing royalties.  And
> Gen never made any public statement against Voiceprint.  I guess he was too
> busy feeling sorry for himself, doing drugs and dreaming of being a barbie
> doll dominatrix at Terrance Sellers dungeon in NYC to take notice.  By never
> taking any responsibility for any of his business decisions, Gen is ALWAYS
> thee b ad guy .  I'll have to dig out the contract that Gen sent me to
> finally become a business partner in PTV after Paula divorced him.  After 5
> years of work with him it was more an insult than anything else, ie.  I'd
> basically have to pay to continue working with him.  After I never responded
> to it he started over, working with Larry.  What a fucking joke.  You all
> will get a kick out of it.
> Re: Sleazy's limited edition output.  More power to him and if he destroys
> TG's rep, then good for him.  Destroy everything and everyone.  FYI, I
> actually like Sleazy and C&C and enjoy their work even though I can't afford
> to hear any of this shit anymore nor afford a ticket to the upcoming
> Brainwave's festival.
> telepathic love,
> fG
> PS.  The Aparition installation does look amazing by the way.  Nice job
> Chris !
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> > Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 23:17:20 +0200
> > From: "InnerSanctum XXVIII"
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> > ridiculous... (JonWhitney)
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> > LOL, but the totemic editions of "Part Two" was sold at standard retail
> price,
> > except Sleazys gold edt. That is a stance that I appreciate. Giving
> something
> > extra for the hardcore-fans, without denying the rest of those who might
> be
> > interested access to the stuff. And Mr Giannelli, cant you go on with
> your life,
> > leave Genesis behind you... move on! As far as I'm informed Gen was
> screwed and
> > lost thousands of pounds during the Godstar erea. I think Alex F and Ken
> got
> > burned and left PTV during that time. And Gen was n ot the bad guy.
> > -Fredrik
> >
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