[Grief] So can Giftgas & Kreeme Horne TG releases.

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 22 23:12:43 PDT 2008

Very interesting point. If Gen is NOT on board...it will be an unofficial release. 
Then is it really TG?

I guess the same question must be asked of such CDs, like Giftgas(excellent album), Kreeme Horn & Blood Pressuse, all released on Dossier. Those are listed as "unofficial releases" in the discography of Simon Fords WOC. 
And according to rumour & to what Cosey told me years ago, Gen released those on his own, without permission from the other 3 members. 
So can those technically be considered TG releases? 

I don't know, but Im sure glad Gen DID put them out! : ) Because I think Giftgas is one of TGs BEST albums...right up there with 2nd AR, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, etc. 
When I bought Giftgas in late '94, I must of played it 20x in the 1st week alone!
And at least with Giftgas (official or not), I got a killer TG album for only $12.00! Haha...

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