[Grief] Re: Remember, remember

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 20 22:53:25 PDT 2008

Actually David (Brookes), I thought TG always acted as a democracy too...scrapping an idea if all didnt agree. 
But sadly that wasnt always the case, even 30 yrs ago! 
For example the song "Adrenaline"(1 of a few that)was NOT supposed to have lyrics! 
It should have been an instrumental. 

Sleazy and C&C didnt want lyrics, but evidentally Gen went on & on complaining & wore down Sleazy and C&C, until they frustratingly just gave in to Gen.(This is from an interview I read w/ C&C in the early 90's). 

C&C went on to say in the interview, that this was usually a regular thing w/ TG.
 Gen usually whined if he didnt get his way so the other 3 felt forced under pressure & just gave in. 
As this was much easier to do than to tirelessly argue about it & get nowhere. 

Im not sure if this is how it was when TG began in 1975, but its definitely how it was from 1978 on, after Cosey left Gen, which (as we all know) was the catalyst that caused much tension/friction amongst the members during TGs last 3 yrs of existance.

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