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The email was genuine, I was sitting in the chair across from he/r when she typed it and I was cc'ed on it and asked to post it, when I told he/r about this whole online debate and the release. She had no idea that show was being released in a limited LP form or being put ion a frame and definitely had no idea about the whole price situation.

next time I will take a Polaroid of her typing up the email so you will have more concrete proof as to it being "presumably genuine"

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Subject: [Grief] On CC latest blog post (32nd LP)

While CC's post is pleasant reading and genial (as ever) I can't help but think the whole project now 
sounds a bit dubious - especially when coupled with, GPOS (presumably genuine?) e-mail?

While it's pretty obvious that GPO has been one-step removed for much of TG's activity since regrouping
(see the majority of "in the studio" photos and blog updates from Chris and Sleazy which rarely, if ever

state Gen's involvement)  I *am* genuinely surprised that a new TG project could have reached the
release without his/her knowledge.

Furthermore, it doesn't really take *that* much time/trouble to register for VAT, specify a business address 

and set the wheel's in motion to get a short run (e.g. 777 copies) of vinyl ready for sale. 

I've done it myself on several occasions, and I can pretty much guarantee that the manufacture/labour
costs for assembling this "artefact" simply don't add up when you consider the grossly inflated £125 

asking price. 

That is, unless I'm missing something here and the perspex frame is actually a piece of crystal cut 
precision glassware reclaimed from the original windows of the Death Factory in Hackney?


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