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I thought the norm was that TG eventually releases everything. For Gen to 
act surprised is odd. If anything, s/he should be surprised if the recording 
was NOT released.

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> Just an FYI, Genesis had no idea about this release until I told her today 
> over
> lunch this afternoon. S/he had no idea and immediately wrote an email to 
> the
> other members of TG. Genesis received an an email last night to inform Gen 
> of
> the release, in which Genesis never had a say so in its release, artwork, 
> price,
> etc..., since it is now already been manufactured.  Genesis asked that I 
> repost
> he/r letter to the other members, as to make clear that Gen had no idea 
> that
> this release was taking place and had nothing to do with its pricing or 
> even
> it's quality, as Genesis very much disliked that performance.
> Here is the letter:
> "Dear Cosey, Chris and Sleazy,
> Actually NO we did NOT receive any artworrks re 32nd Annual Report. In 
> fact
> today is the FIRST we have heard of it being
> released. We feel it somewhat strange that we have never been able to hear 
> any
> of the recordings, which for me personally
> felt like an all time low for TG from its inception whilst we were 
> playing. Whilst we are aware we can always be outvoted
> so our opinion, thoughts are academic, we WOULD have preferred to listen 
> and see
> IF we wanted it released, or IF we wanted
> our name attached to it.
> My confidential address remains the same.
> Perhaps this sense of serial fait a complis' is the root of friction 
> between us?
> It would be easy to remedy if that
> is the case...
> Include me more directly, and let me feel my voice has value, beyond 
> vocals.
> It's very embarassing to have TG fans tell me a TG product is up for 
> pre-orders
> before we are even informed its
> been created!DJIN
> GEN 

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