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Dear Mr. Brooks,

Thanks for your comments.  I guess you just don't value my experiences, stories and sardonic wit.  You kind of remind me of that court in Boston that tried to ban the book "Naked Lunch" by William S. Burroughs.  Funny how in this internet age when everyone is allowed a voice I have to censor my "opinion' about my involvement and experience in working with one of the members of TG, lending personal insight into Gen's human dementia and perhaps some minor gossip into the type of group drama that occurs in any creative endeavor.  Maybe Gen truly is like Andy Warhol and has cultivated this mystique and has manipulated people, but sadly, most of Gen's artwork is considered worthless shit and is not collected.

"nobody ever called Pablo Picasso an asshole"  Jonathan Richman

If you consider my comments "embarassing" well... tough fucking shit.  ; )

One of the great things I learned and loved about Timothy Leary was his ability to SMILE.  And I am smiling write now under the glare of the illuminating wisdom of Mr. David Brookes.

telepathic regards,

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Dear Mr Giannelli
If you are getting on with your life as you say why are you always posting 
derogatory and pointless posts on Gen's site.
Over the years I have read dozens of your messages that keep on going over the 
same old ground, surely if you have issues with certain individuals then it 
would be better the sort them out between you in private and not expose us all 
to them, it's kind of embarrasing to hear you constantly airing your dirty linen 
in public, when to be truthful no one except for the parties involved have any 
Please try and keep TG discussions in this Grief group On Topic

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