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Dear Mr Giannelli
If you are getting on with your life as you say why are you always posting derogatory and pointless posts on Gen's site.
Over the years I have read dozens of your messages that keep on going over the same old ground, surely if you have issues with certain individuals then it would be better the sort them out between you in private and not expose us all to them, it's kind of embarrasing to hear you constantly airing your dirty linen in public, when to be truthful no one except for the parties involved have any interest.
Please try and keep TG discussions in this Grief group On Topic

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Dear Fredrik,
Thank you for your comments and suggestions but FYI, I am getting on with my miserable life, thank you very much.  Yes, Gen was screwed and is always screwed in business deals.  Why ?  Because he's a shitty businessman and a self centered C.U.N.T. in my reality.  Mentioning what happened with Alex Ferguson and now you know Gen's modus operandi.  By being a self indulgent / pretentious / douchebag / artist (in the most delusional sense of the word), whenever he licenses any of the collective work he never gets paid.  He has no relevance to us humble human beings since he considers himself above us.  Or to put it simply, IMHO he looks like a fat, drugged out loser with fake boobs and has nothing new to say.
Re: Invisible Records.  Licensing a bunch of CD's to Martin Atkins, Gen says he never got paid.  Martin told me at the time when I asked him that he paid Gen a $14,000. advance.  Gen sent me a check for $750. at the time.  I do recall that Invisible DID pay publishing royalties to Complete Music and the paperwork was done.  Then Gen made grand accusations against Invisible stating they never paid.  He then goes on to license 12 PTV live cd's to Voiceprint claiming they would pay publishing royalties and paid no advance to him.  Well, guess what ?  They never paid any publishing royalties.  And Gen never made any public statement against Voiceprint.  I guess he was too busy feeling sorry for himself, doing drugs and dreaming of being a barbie doll dominatrix at Terrance Sellers dungeon in NYC to take notice.  By never taking any responsibility for any of his business decisions, Gen is ALWAYS thee b
 ad guy
.  I'll have to dig out the contract that Gen sent me to finally become a business partner in PTV after Paula divorced him.  After 5 years of work with him it was more an insult than anything else, ie.  I'd basically have to pay to continue working with him.  After I never responded to it he started over, working with Larry.  What a fucking joke.  You all will get a kick out of it.
Re: Sleazy's limited edition output.  More power to him and if he destroys TG's rep, then good for him.  Destroy everything and everyone.  FYI, I actually like Sleazy and C&C and enjoy their work even though I can't afford to hear any of this shit anymore nor afford a ticket to the upcoming Brainwave's festival.
telepathic love,
PS.  The Aparition installation does look amazing by the way.  Nice job Chris !

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> LOL, but the totemic editions of "Part Two" was sold at standard retail price, 
> except Sleazys gold edt. That is a stance that I appreciate. Giving something 
> extra for the hardcore-fans, without denying the rest of those who might be 
> interested access to the stuff. And Mr Giannelli, cant you go on with your life, 
> leave Genesis behind you... move on! As far as I'm informed Gen was screwed and 
> lost thousands of pounds during the Godstar erea. I think Alex F and Ken got 
> burned and left PTV during that time. And Gen
  was n
ot the bad guy. 
> -Fredrik 

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