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Just an FYI, Genesis had no idea about this release until I told her today over lunch this afternoon. S/he had no idea and immediately wrote an email to the other members of TG. Genesis received an an email last night to inform Gen of the release, in which Genesis never had a say so in its release, artwork, price, etc..., since it is now already been manufactured.  Genesis asked that I repost he/r letter to the other members, as to make clear that Gen had no idea that this release was taking place and had nothing to do with its pricing or even it's quality, as Genesis very much disliked that performance. 
Here is the letter:

"Dear Cosey, Chris and Sleazy,
 Actually NO we did NOT receive any artworrks re 32nd Annual Report. In fact today is the FIRST we have heard of it being 
released. We feel it somewhat strange that we have never been able to hear any of the recordings, which for me personally 
felt like an all time low for TG from its inception whilst we were playing. Whilst we are aware we can always be outvoted 
so our opinion, thoughts are academic, we WOULD have preferred to listen and see IF we wanted it released, or IF we wanted 
our name attached to it.
My confidential address remains the same.
Perhaps this sense of serial fait a complis' is the root of friction between us? It would be easy to remedy if that 
is the case...
Include me more directly, and let me feel my voice has value, beyond vocals.
It's very embarassing to have TG fans tell me a TG product is up for pre-orders before we are even informed its 
been created!DJIN
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> I don't think confound and confuse is the issue. People aren't confused they're just pissed off by money grabbers.
> I don't think you can claim this is some wonderful ironic art statement... it's just a rip off... nearly as bad as that pointless Soisong memory box.
> Dave B
> --- On Sun, 19/10/08, DIL23 <hex at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> > From: DIL23 <hex at blueyonder.co.uk>
> > Subject: Re: [Grief] Re: Remember, remember
> > To: grief at hollyfeld.org
> > Date: Sunday, 19 October, 2008, 9:52 PM
> > tee! hee! "We aim to disappoint!"
> > 
> > Great to see TG can still upset, confound and confuse their
> > 'fans' after 30 
> > years!
> > 
> > if you don't think it's worth it - don't buy it
> > - if you do - do!
> > 
> > DIL23
> > :)
> > 
> > 
> > On Saturday 18 October 2008 22:18:47 magmahawk at planet.nl
> > wrote:
> > > At 22:19 18-10-2008, you wrote:
> > > >The original album, that I own, wasn't
> > released in 777 copies but in 785.
> > > >The original release was later commemoriated when
> > they released the first
> > > >edition of Heathen Earth in blue vinyl in 785
> > copies. That was back in
> > > >1981 and it was sold at standard retail price.
> > This 32nd Annual Shit
> > > > Sucks. -Fredrik
> > >
> > > so far i bought all the releases and re-releases and
> > went to their gigs and
> > > recording in london.
> > > but this one i will not buy because it's expensive
> > but the main reason is
> > > also that i don't own a record player anymore.
> > > and to be very honest a white cover does not fit on my
> > wall :)
> > > but if they release the black cd separately i will buy
> > it.
> > > andre

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