[Grief] It used to be about the music...not the money. This is a CRUEL joke!

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Mon Oct 20 02:47:11 PDT 2008

Actually Joseph, I was being sarcastic about the dwnld "making up for it".. Of course it doesnt "make up for it"...a chintzy download is rather a slap in the face to us fans, IMHO! 

And Ive never paid for dwnlds either. Actually I already have this TG Paris gig...a friend was kind enough to make me a CDR copy. 

And its sad that TGs not releasing this 66 minute gig on a regular CD or LP, because it IS a pretty sweet gig!

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I dunno if a download release "makes up for it." I've never payed for data
in my life, and I spend...pretty much my entire disposable income on music.
I like paying for physical, tangible releases. With data I'm paying for the
exact same thing that I can get for free off of SoulSeek...probably what
I'll be doing with this.

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> David, I agree w/ you 100% on each issue.
> TG24 was an excellent release & WELL WORTH the $200..AND THEY EVEN SIGNED
> Ive NEVER complained about the cost of a TG item until now. But this is
> going to far! Its a joke! And a very cruel joke...on their long-time loyal
> fans at that!
> They must think were retarded, following blindly like sheep lapping up any
> inane item they place before us, no matter WHAT the cost, just as long as
> that item is TG!
> Im still in shock & disbelief when Sleaz emailed me back & said 1) It costs
> 120 pounds(not to mention 40 pounds JUST for shipping)because it cost TG
> HALF of what were charging to make it! (haha...sure)& 2) Sleaz actually
> feels the price is very fair (fair to who? Millionares)!
> He also said its NOT an album, but a work of art. Uh, I was under the
> impression TG were musicians 1st & released music FIRST, not framable(so
> called) art-work!
> But thank God their making a cheap dwnld of it available for sale, because
> that just makes up for this whole asinine release! : )
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