[Grief] It used to be about the music...not the money. This is a CRUEL joke!

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 19 23:17:33 PDT 2008

David, I agree w/ you 100% on each issue. 
TG24 was an excellent release & WELL WORTH the $200..AND THEY EVEN SIGNED THAT! 
Ive NEVER complained about the cost of a TG item until now. But this is going to far! Its a joke! And a very cruel joke...on their long-time loyal fans at that! 
They must think were retarded, following blindly like sheep lapping up any inane item they place before us, no matter WHAT the cost, just as long as that item is TG!

Im still in shock & disbelief when Sleaz emailed me back & said 1) It costs 120 pounds(not to mention 40 pounds JUST for shipping)because it cost TG HALF of what were charging to make it! (haha...sure)& 2) Sleaz actually feels the price is very fair (fair to who? Millionares)! 
He also said its NOT an album, but a work of art. Uh, I was under the impression TG were musicians 1st & released music FIRST, not framable(so called) art-work! 
But thank God their making a cheap dwnld of it available for sale, because that just makes up for this whole asinine release! : )

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