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LOL, but the totemic editions of "Part Two" was sold at standard retail price, except Sleazys gold edt. That is a stance that I appreciate. Giving something extra for the hardcore-fans, without denying the rest of those who might be interested access to the stuff. And Mr Giannelli, cant you go on with your life, leave Genesis behind you... move on! As far as I'm informed Gen was screwed and lost thousands of pounds during the Godstar erea. I think Alex F and Ken got burned and left PTV during that time. And Gen was not the bad guy.

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  It is getting a bit beyond a joke now isn't it? The idea of yet another "super deluxe must have collectors edition" would be a lot easier to swallow if a) there was a regular CD or vinyl addition for those of us that are actually more interested in the music than excess packaging and b) the object itself wasn't actually worth the £125 + shipping they're asking.

  More concerningly this seems to be becoming the norm with TG these days. TG24 was a worthy and excellent product, TGDVD slightly less so - but still (pretty much) worth the asking price.   

  I could take or leave the totemic "gifts" (ironic that?) with "Part Two", but this is now starting to look more and more like a band attempting to fleece their fanbase safe in the knowledge that there will be a guaranteed hardcore of TG fans who would gladly shell out £500 for a limited edition toilet roll holder, if it had an IR number and a seal of "authenticity".

  It really is a shame - the concerts (certainly the three I've attended personally since the regrouping) have been excellent, as has the vast majority of the recorded output.

  Just a bit sad that the whole thing is being cheapened by overpriced "must haves" and tacky novely crap like the limited edition pen-knives.  

  I mean, seriously - who among us is actually buying this stuff?!?!

  I, for one will be giving this particular "release" a miss until it can be purchased in a form which doesn't require me to take out another mortgage.



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