[Grief] Subject: Re: Remember, remember...this is ridiculous... (Jon Whitney)

dave fox joeladyboy at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 21:10:51 PDT 2008

It is getting a bit beyond a joke now isn't it? The idea of yet another
"super deluxe must have collectors edition" would be a lot easier to swallow
if a) there was a regular CD or vinyl addition for those of us that are
actually more interested in the music than excess packaging and b) the
object itself wasn't actually worth the £125 + shipping they're asking.

More concerningly this seems to be becoming the norm with TG these days.
TG24 was a worthy and excellent product, TGDVD slightly less so - but still
(pretty much) worth the asking price.

I could take or leave the totemic "gifts" (ironic that?) with "Part Two",
but this is now starting to look more and more like a band attempting to
fleece their fanbase safe in the knowledge that there will be a guaranteed
hardcore of TG fans who would gladly shell out £500 for a limited edition
toilet roll holder, if it had an IR number and a seal of "authenticity".

It really is a shame - the concerts (certainly the three I've attended
personally since the regrouping) have been excellent, as has the vast
majority of the recorded output.

Just a bit sad that the whole thing is being cheapened by overpriced "must
haves" and tacky novely crap like the limited edition pen-knives.

I mean, seriously - who among us is actually buying this stuff?!?!

I, for one will be giving this particular "release" a miss until it can be
purchased in a form which doesn't require me to take out another mortgage.

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