[Grief] Let's take it eazy, I got some info from Sleazy...

Andrew Gowans andy at flesheatingants.com
Sun Oct 19 11:59:06 PDT 2008

Looking at the set the LP is 180g, non coloured, with single colour  
labels, in a stock white sleeve with a couple of stickers on it.   
Aside from being 180g this is about the cheapest vinyl release you can  
do without going for white labels.

The CD is one of those faux-vinyl release, but again is one colour  
labels and no case - looks like a plastic slip with a photocopy  
tracklist inside. Again, super cheap - less than £1 a copy.

It's been a few year since I've been involved in pressing CD and wax,  
but I would estimate even with the increase in oil price both of these  
will cost under £10.

Considering you can buy special frames to mount LPs in Virgin/Zavvi  
for £10 the idea that these two bits of plastic cost £50 to make is  

This is a poor effort imho, they could have easily pressed it as a  
double LP with the remaining music on the third side (they could have  
even stuck the encore on a 7" - the show is only 66mins long) and sold  
the set for £20 and still made out like bandits.

For the cost of this set I could snatch the next original pressing to  
go on ebay and buy a nice frame for it, but since I got the Celluloid  
press and the Mute press with the original sleeve design for ~£20 and  
~£10 respectively, this release really is just nonsense.

Quoting "Grant Regnaert" <tripreset at hotmail.com>:

> RE: 32 Annual Report...I Just got an email from Sleazy & he said it   
> cost the band HALF of what they are charging to make the LP (which I  
>  find VERY hard to believe)!
> And its NOT an album, but a work of art, hence the hefty price,   
> which Sleaz thinks is actually reasonable (and since when is an LP   
> with plexi-glass considered art??)!!
> The SEMI-GOOD NEWS: Sleaz DID say that in a few weeks they are going  
>  to have a cheap download available for sale, for those who just  
> want  the music.
> I STILL think they should make just the "black" CD available for sale!
> They'd make more $ off the CD than a download of it! Especially   
> since $ seems like their prime objective lately.
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