[Grief] Let's take it eazy, I got some info from Sleazy...

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 19 15:07:03 PDT 2008

RE: 32 Annual Report...I Just got an email from Sleazy & he said it cost the band HALF of what they are charging to make the LP (which I find VERY hard to believe)! 
And its NOT an album, but a work of art, hence the hefty price, which Sleaz thinks is actually reasonable (and since when is an LP with plexi-glass considered art??)!! 
The SEMI-GOOD NEWS: Sleaz DID say that in a few weeks they are going to have a cheap download available for sale, for those who just want the music. 
I STILL think they should make just the "black" CD available for sale! 
They'd make more $ off the CD than a download of it! Especially since $ seems like their prime objective lately.

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