[Grief] Remember, remember...this is ridiculous...

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 18 08:31:38 PDT 2008

Jeez! This is becoming truly ridiculous! 
Over $300.00 USD (including shipping) for ONE LP!!!
They charged LESS for Box Set items like TGV & the Desertshore 12 CD set!

I was going to pre-order a copy, but then I saw that the shipping ALONE was an outrageous 40 pounds (15 pounds is only in the UK)! I mean 40 POUNDS...thats just INSANE! 

It would be VERY nice if they did, but its too bad they didnt (and most likely won't) make the extended "black" CD available for sale by itself, for the majority of us who DON'T have a few hundred extra bucks to just blow on 1 special-limited LP!

And Im STILL in shock over the 40 pounds they're charging JUST for the shipping!
Oh well...I guess for the first time in history I WON'T be purchasing a new TG release, as sad as that is to say. 
And I'll TRULY be experiencing "Pain Through NO Entertainment", as my TG collection will now no longer be coumplete!
Its a shame, but lately IMO, it sure seems like the importance is being placed first on the money before the music.

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