[Grief] 32AR thoughts

Angus Spottiswoode swindonbakery at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 15:06:24 PST 2008

Having listened to the official release about four times now, I can  
say that, in my opinion, it is really excellent.

The pristine sound of it seemed strange at first. After all, even the  
2nd Annual Report had a bootleg-like quality to it!
At first I have to admit I was still preferring the Paris bootleg, as  
that seemed to have a grittiness and a "you-are-there" quality that  
the clean sound of the official release lacked.

But you can hear so much more detail on the official release, and for  
that reason I think it is superior.
I must say it's odd to hear the crowd applauding, given the hostile  
nature of the crowd on 2nd AR! Times change.
If I had one complaint it would be the digital booklet seems too much  
like a pale imitation of the liner notes for 2nd AR, almost a parody.  
To me this undermines the threat of the images and text on the original.

But I must also say again that I really do consider this one of TG's  
finest performances. It has a menace that is palpable. The sounds and  
atmospheres that are created are vintage TG. No one else (... that I  
know of...) can create this incredible sound. And that is the reason I  
love this group.

Well done TG. More please.

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