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Angus Spottiswoode swindonbakery at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 16:47:20 PDT 2008

I'm a Mac guy... so I'm not sure either, but try the refresh thing.
Also try 'emptying cache' or the equivalent in Explorer, and also  
deleting the cookies for TG.com.
(cookies & TG... two things I didn't expect to ever write together!)

Hope something works - otherwise you'll just have to stay in work  
until the announcement is updated.  :)

On Jun 15, 2008, at 1:18 PM, DIL23 <hex at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:

> try a 'refresh/reload'?  it's just a jpeg image - can you see other  
> images
> (TGV box set etc?) you might need to check/tick display all images or
> something in your prefs/whatever - works fine in Firefox ;)
> DIL23
> :)
> BTW - TG were rather fab and groovy in Paris recently - I hadn't  
> seen 'After
> cease...' but knew what was coming - still didn't quite prepare me!!!
> On Sunday 15 June 2008 20:06:02 Mark Stevens wrote:
>> Okay, I know that I don't know every thing about p.c.'s but I  
>> thought I
>> would be able to suss this one out but can not.  I would therefore
>> appreciate any help from anyone out there that knows about p.c.'s  
>> and their
>> settings!
>> When I go onto the TG website and enter the TG News page.  I know  
>> at the
>> top that within the black box there is a white text message about the
>> Thirty Second Annual Report on vinyl coming soon.  On my p.c. at  
>> work I can
>> see the message.  At home...... I can not.  I just see a black  
>> rectangle.
>> What have I not got set right that prevents me from seeing this  
>> message?
>> Hope that some one out there can help me.
>> Cheers
>> Mark
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