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Very revealing analysis from Sleazy. Thanks for passing on, Ben.

Oh, and, re: your last post. I just Googled "Chuba Chups".
Good grief!

On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 4:44 PM, Ben Waddington <falsedog at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm a little uneasy with all these backwards looking/greatest hits shows
> they've been doing recently though, it's not something I'd ever imagine TG
> ever considering and makes them no better than the myriad of 60's/70's rock
> bands (Genesis, Led Zep, The Stooges, The Police, et al) who have reformed
> over the last few years.
> I doubt the premise behind 32nd annual report has ever been done before: 2nd
> AR was a collage of live, improvised recordings whittled into an album. The
> new show is going back to learn to play what was never written in the first
> instance! And it's different enough to be a new entity.
> Actually I did ask Sleaze about this; what would happen if TG were just to
> perform something live from scratch? He mentioned that it had been done at
> ICA last year but that TG now didn't have the naivity necessary to recreate
> the live shows of old. Even within TG's lifetime, the spontaneous elements
> of the live shows were eclipsed by standard 6 minute run throughs of the
> tracks that got the best responses.
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