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Tue Jun 10 01:44:45 PDT 2008

I'm a little uneasy with all these backwards looking/greatest hits shows they've been doing recently though, it's not something I'd ever imagine TG ever considering and makes them no better than the myriad of 60's/70's rock bands (Genesis, Led Zep, The Stooges, The Police, et al) who have reformed over the last few years.
I doubt the premise behind 32nd annual report has ever been done before: 2nd AR was a collage of live, improvised recordings whittled into an album. The new show is going back to learn to play what was never written in the first instance! And it's different enough to be a new entity.  

Actually I did ask Sleaze about this; what would happen if TG were just to perform something live from scratch? He mentioned that it had been done at ICA last year but that TG now didn't have the naivity necessary to recreate the live shows of old. Even within TG's lifetime, the spontaneous elements of the live shows were eclipsed by standard 6 minute run throughs of the tracks that got the best responses. 

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