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Mon Jun 9 11:45:57 PDT 2008

Thanks! Quite interesting - I don't know why they didn't add this to the TG
video set (yes, I know, its CT, not TG, yet, anyway....) - a short 20 minute
video, considering that its the only CT filmed, would have been fascinating
- what a missed opportunity!

Thanks again for being so kind in sending the information - cheers, s., rio.

2008/6/9, tripreset <tripreset at hotmail.com>:
> I have a rare copy. After cease to exist is a 20 min long film with the 1st
> & last 5 min of the screen blank..or just the color red- I forget..you only
> hear audio until the 10 min mark you see Cosey tying down then casturating
> Chris! It looks VERY REAL! Then for a couple min you see a lady..named
> Soo..lying on a mattress. Thats about it except @ the beginning you see TG
> on stage for a few seconds & the audience watching for a few seconds.The
> soundtrack plays during the whole 20 min film. Overall-very creative &
> interesting but you probably wouldnt watch it more than a fem times..once
> every few years. Hope that helps.        Grant R
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