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cblanger cblanger at club-internet.fr
Sat Jun 7 23:56:23 PDT 2008

Back from TG in Paris :

They played a XXI century version of the 2nd annual report LP, so, as sleazy said "the 32th annual report"...then versions of slug bait and maggot death and after cease to exist ; the Coum Transmissions film "after cease to exist" was projected on screen during the second part of the set.
They made an encore : zyklon B zombie

The sound was LOUD ! Carter and sleazy at work most of the time. Few vocals and violin by Genesis. Few guitar by Cosey.

Large venue with lot of space and bleachers. Not sold out at all. D. Tibet was attending the show.

Merchandising : some TGV boxsets ; a commemorative set with 2 prints suitable for framing (endless knot and flash logo versions) + a pocket swiss army knife with IR logo) limited to 100 copies.

Great show and great night. Deserve an official release like Camber Sands.

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