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Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Sat Feb 9 18:54:46 PST 2008

I just got the 33 1/3 book and am only through the first couple
chapters - it's entertaining but i think us music enthusiasts have a
very different point of view from the general public.

Drew Daniel talks about how anybody can be a know-it-all now with the
Internet, blogs, free MP3s, etc, while he said he had to go looking
for stuff back when he was a teenager.  I honestly think that people
actually have to sift through MORE stuff now that there's so much
information out there.  Additionally, the people who aren't music
enthusiasts like you or I or people whose tastes are for more general
stuff, will probably never even know about this kinda music.  It's
something I think we forget. We assume everybody knows all about TG or
Coil or such...

Anyhow I may have more thoughts on it later.

On Feb 9, 2008 6:41 PM, hex <hex at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> hello....anybody there?  :)
> been a bit quiet of late!
> anyways .... if you wanna bit of a larf check out this article....
> http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/music/2007/05/a_throbbing_gristle_primer.html
> ....hey if you can't laugh at yourself!!!
> DIL23
> :)
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