[Grief] Gen's Whoppers... yeah, right!

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I can hardly believe we're seriously debating this? If someone would have told me, I would have... ah, never mind!

Always yours,

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Actually, both of Gen's daughters and Paula (Gen's ex-wife) have been living in the USA since 1993. 
But I do agree with you about the car. Gen doesn't need to buy her a new car, but he could at least get her a descent used car for a few grand.

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I think he should get her a car, even if its just a used one. I mean, the
poor girl having to get a bus everyday to go to school - and she probably
lives in some dreaded spot in the UK, where it snows and rains everyday and
everyone is depressed. Thus, I do think that Mr. P-Orridge should stop
horsing around with this breast implant thing and get his kid an auto for

2008/12/10 InnerSanctum XXVIII <fredrik.ostrom at telia.com>

> Why the fuck should he buy her a car?? I never got one from my parents.
> I've actually never owned one. She's close to 25 y/o for christs sake. Go to
> work and buy your own car, dear Panessa Frog.
> -Fredrik
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>   In American Slang
>> Whopper' = Big Breasts
>> Pretty pathetic that Gen is still working that anorexic body dysmorphic
>> demented scarecrow look.
>> Funny how Gen blows all his money on his image and now he can't even
>> afford to buy a Wimpy burger now.
>> Talking about seeking attention Mr. Einstein/David Bourgoin.  GPO is no
>> Marilyn Manson.
>> I agree with Gen's #2 daughter Genesse P-Orridge.  He wasted money on fake
>> boobs when he should have bought Genesse a car.
>> telepathic season's greetings,
>> the kooky scientist
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