[Grief] Sleazy's new THBC stuff

Joseph Demko idoltaxi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 23:19:28 PST 2008

someone should send a message out when the four disc set goes on sale at
greedbag, I'd be interested but probably will not notice otherwise -_-;

On 12/10/08, Grant Regnaert <tripreset at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Your welcome, Angus. And I agree with you... I actually like it better than
> Form Grows Rampant, too.
> Interestingly, some of the music from the new 4xCD set (at least the 1st of
> the 4 CDRs) was created an entire year BEFORE Form Grows was even made!
> The 1st 3" CDR (which has 3 trax and is 21 min long) was originally sold
> seperately, in Dec of 2005, in Russia at the very first THBC performance.
> Sleazy just decided to make it part of the 4xCDR amulet set.
> Im not sure, but I think a lot of the new 4xCDR set, if not all of it, was
> also created a while back. I could be wrong. I'll have to ask Sleaz about
> it. GRR
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