[Grief] Thoughts on Upcoming Shows?

Angus Spottiswoode swindonbakery at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 15 04:14:42 PDT 2008

The two dates have been up for a while now with no further updates, so I thought I'd ask:

Is anybody on the list is planning to attend either of the upcoming TG performances - Paris or Barcelona?

If so, what kind of set do you think they will play? A 'greatest hits' set or some/all new material?? And do you think these will end up being the 'last' ever TG shows?

Once again, us in the US and of limited cash to travel are s--t out of luck. 
Boy, I know they broke up here but is it really such a bad place to play a show? I know they look for 'suitable' artistic events to fraternize but surely there are such institutions/events here? Or maybe it's a travel-distance thing. Look, I'm not complaining! (Well, okay, maybe a little bit...!)

Cheers everyone

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