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Thanks for the overview! I've been debating picking it up.
Think I will, but $50 still seems pricey...!

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Well just got my copy of Industrial Music for Industrial People by Eric 
and not being able to read french this will be a short overview rather than
any sort of full blown review!

First impressions are that it seems a thorough piece of work - so obviously
some cross-over with "Wreckers..." altho quite a bit different too.

About a quarter (of the 577pp) is dedicated solely to TG, loads of pictures
(I've seen a lot before but many I'd never seen), lyrics and other stuf I've
yet to attempt to translate!

The remainder of the book covers the post TG exploits of all four members -
Psychic TV, Coil (THBC etc), Chris & Cosey (CTI, cartertutti etc) - again
loads of photos, lyrics, cover artwork etc etc.

And finally a sort of epilogue covering the reformation of TG up until
Volksbuhne 05/06 with lots of photos again.

Has the obligatory discography, videography etc etc for TG ***AND***

It worked out at about 23 quid inc P&P so a bit pricey but nice if you like
that sort of thing!

All the best
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