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I think the shows haven't been promoted enough time before to take place
partly because of the (bad) locations. Personnaly I went to the PTV concert
in Belgium that ONLY was announced more or less two weeks before. Secondly
the place, Hasselt, is a VERY small and borring city (even for Belgium) ;
the last train for Brussel was at 10PM and the first at 5AM, the concert was
programmed at for  a noise festival... anyway they came in Brussels in
october last year for the same concert and it was sold-out in a few days and
AND promoted months before... I wrote to Adam Elfin, I think he has good
intention but I also met the band and Genesis who realy enjoyed the first
step of the tour in Russia and the East countries...


2007/10/8, david brookes <harmaline23 at hotmail.com>:
>  I attended the Birmingham show in the UK a few weeks ago and was shocked
> to see so few people there. Personally I believe that the show was not
> advertised or promoted until a few days before the gig took place, leaving
> little time for people to find out about it. I have read both sides of the
> augument and still am none the wiser.
> Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 20:21:37 +0100
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> Subject: [Grief] PTV Europe tour cancelled
> Hello fellow TG fans,
> While a discussion on PTV may be off topic on this list...and my reply
> post may just fuel gossip, I feel pressed to offer the (ex) management side
> of the story...
> I have it from a reliable source. Thanks.
> Transcript from Adam Elfin at Archangel Management follows:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>snip
>  At 2am on Sunday night the band cancelled the tour, and booked flights
> home.  The first I knew of it was a text at 1am.  I obviously called them
> immediately.  They were unhappy that they didn't think they were going to
> make what they wanted to out of the tour.  Before buying flights initially
> for the tour, I discussed the situation with them.  Which was that there
> were still a number of shows to confirm.  If the promoters delivered the
> shows, the budget would be fine, if not then we would have to hope we broke
> a few %'s, sold some merch, and cut a few costs to be ok.  At that moment, I
> asked them what they wanted to do, they told me they wanted to go for it, so
> I bought the flights.  In the end half the shows that were needed to still
> get delivered did so, however, that left us with five shows on the whole
> tour that the promoters did not deliver on as they said they would.  That
> coupled with things that were out of my control (excess baggage cost from
> Moscow - which was still blamed on me), their insistence on bringing a merch
> person from the US (despite increased flight costs), etc, and the TM not
> exactly helping the situation, meant the finances on the tour were not as
> good as they could have been.
> However, I asked them for a few days to work through things (as some of
> this were things they hadn't let me know previously e.g. excess baggage
> from Moscow), but said I would send them a mail this morning going through
> everything.  They then gave me an ultimatum at 2am on Sunday night, of send
> them all the money for their pay and the TM's (based on all the shows having
> been delivered, no excess baggage costs etc) for the whole tour immediately
> or they would cancel the tour.
> I find their actions depressing to say the least, and somewhat
> unprofessional, unreasonable and irresponsible.  I also feel that everybody
> was let down by the promoters of those five shows, that said they wanted
> shows, and they would deliver them, then didn't, and simply apologised, and
> thought that was ok.
> As to what they have written, there are quite a few lies and (deliberate)
> errors, as well as other facts conveniently left out to create a story.
> That's all it is, a story.  What you have read is not what actually
> happened.  The vast majority of shows had enough time to be promoted
> properly.  I guess part of the problem is that in reality the band do not
> really have enough fans even with a new album.  Generally the attendance of
> the shows was low, not because of promo time, but lack of fans.
> Anyway, take care.
> AE
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